Ararat Aratta..The Land of the Mountains Where the Gods Live of the great Epic of Gilgamesh. The Land where the Garden of Eden -- the Tree of Life and the Tree of Wisdom is located...the Twin peaks of Mashu - the SYMBOL of the holy Cosmic Mountain. When many of us hear this name we picture the birth and rebirth of humanity and human civilization in the sacred land in the highlands of ARMANIA. The Bible also recounts the ancient stories of Genesis, including the Paradise [Birth of Humanity] and also the Rebirth of Humanity in the sacred Mountains of the Land of Ararat, the holy land where the resurrection of the human race took place. The Twin Peaks of Mount Ararat are in the heart of Armenia, and from a bipolar geographical objective one can argue that of the world. They are symbolic of the Holy Mountains of the Land of Aratta/Ararat/Ararad [Kuti-Guti-mountain range in the Sumerian inscriptions and the Al-Judi of the later Islamic writings] -- the location of Ararad in the Korduk Province in the southern section of the Armenian Plateau [The Twin Peak Masis in the Ayrarat Province being the SYMBOL of Armenia-Ararat -- Land of the Holy Mountains]. Since times immemorial Ararat [also Ayrarat in Armenian sources, Aratta in Sumerian inscriptions, Urartu in Assyrian inscriptions and Ararat in Hebrew sources] has been a Holy Mountain and a Holy land for the peoples of the ancient world.

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