The Armenian Origin of the Etruscans defines a link between the Armenians and the Etruscans.

Some scholars also see in Urartean art, architecture, language and general culture traces of kinship to the Etruscans of the Italian peninsula.[1]

Dr. Bugge, a learned Norwegian, has developed a suggestion offered thirty years ago by the late Dr. Robert Ellis of London, that the Etruscan was an Armenian dialect. [2]

History Edit

The Aryan race are to be divided into two great divisions the Northern or European Aryans, and the Southern or Asiatic Aryans. The Southern or Asiatic Aryans may be similarity divided into three principal branches: the Armenians, the Persians, and the Indians. The Kurds and Afghans are of less ethical importance. The Armenians, like the Celts, are now few in number. They belong once to a longer extent of a country where they spread westward from Armenia to Italy under the names of Phrygians, Thracians, Pelasgians, Etruscans and also spread to other locations. [3]

Language Edit

Etruscan words have been successfully explained from the resources of the Armenian, the Albanian, and the Rhaeto-Romansch languages.[4]

References Edit

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