The Armenian fiancailles although contracted in a very simple fashion are not easily annulled and can only be set aside for very serious reasons A priest commissioned by the friends of the aspirant makes the proposals of marriage to the young lady's parents Should the offer be accepted he is again sent accompanied by another priest to present to the fiancee a small gold cross bought by her betrothed for the benefit of the church and of price proportioned to the means of the family Girls are given in marriage at a very early age some when they are but twelve years old but men seldom marry before are twenty one.

Like the Turkish wedding it takes place on a Monday A priest is sent by the bride's parents to inform those of the bridegroom that all is ready and the Duhun may begin On the Friday invitations are issued and the bride is taken to the bath with great ceremony On the Saturday musicians are called in and all the young maidens assemble to partake of a feast intended especially for them and extended to the poor who come in flocks to share in the good things Next day this festivity is repeated the dinner is served at 3 and the young men are allowed to wait upon the girls a rare privilege equally pleasing to either sex at other times excluded from each other's society and it is needless to say that now make the most of their opportunities.

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