The Armenians (Armenian: Հայեր, Hayer) an ethnic group originating in the Caucasus and in the Armenian Highland. A large concentration of them has remained in the souther Caucasus, especially in Armenia, but many of them are also scattered elsewhere throughout the world (the Armenian diaspora). The Armenians have had a significant presence in countries such as Russia, Georgia and Iran due to their proximity to Armenia. After the Armenian Genocide, a large influx of survivors fled to France, the United States, Argentina, the Levant and other countries that welcomed the Armenians. There are an estimated 8 to 10 million Armenians around the world. Significant Armenian populations can also be found in Nagorno Karabakh and Samtskhe-Javakheti province of Georgia. The Armenian people have been Christianized since Early in the 4th century and are typically considered the first nation to officially adopt Christianity.

The original Armenians must have been very adventurous. Their brothers, i.e. the other Indo-European tribes, went towards north or south, towards more fertile areas in Europe and India, while some decided to stay in Persia. But these Armenians went even further, in the heart of these impassable mountain regions and climbed as high as they could.” -M. E. Elliot, Beginning again at Ararat, New York, 1924, p. 268

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