The Battle of Sardarabad or Battle of Sardarapat (Armenian: Սարդարապատի ճակատամարտ, Sardarapati č̣akatamart, Turkish: Serdarabad Muharebesi or Serdarabad Savaşı[4]) was a battle of the Caucasus Campaign of World War I that took place near Sardarabad (modern-day Armavir), Armenia from May 21-29, 1918. Sardarabad was only 40 kilometers west of the city of Yerevan and the battle is currently seen as not only stopping the Ottoman advance into the rest of Armenia but also preventing the complete destruction of the Armenian nation.[5] In the words of historian and researcher Christopher J. Walker, had the Armenians lost this battle, "it is perfectly possible that the word Armenia would have henceforth denoted only an antique geographical term.

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