CENTOBRI'GA (or bricd), a city of the Celtiberians, in Hispania Tarraconensis, the siege of w hich, in the Celtiberian War, gave an occasion for a striking display of generosity on the part of Metellus (Val. Max. v. 1. § 5). Florus (ii. 17) relates the same incident as occurring at Nkktobkiga. It is not clear whether the cities were identical. [P. S.] CENTKI'TES (Kerrpmjs: Buhttin Choi), a river dividing the mountains of the Carduchians from the slopes and plains of Armenia, crossed by the Ten Thousand in their retreat. It is described by Xenophon (Anah. iv. 3. § 1) as 200 feet in breadth, above their breasts in depth, and extremely rapid, with a bottom full of slippery stones. The Centrites lias been identified with the Buhtan Choi, an E. affluent of the Tigris, which falls into that river at the Armenian village of Til, and constitutes at the present day a natural barrier between Kurdistan and Armenia

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