Caucasian Albanian alphabet

By Narek Yegoyan

The Caucasian Albanian alphabet was the alphabet for the people of Caucasian Albania. It was discovered by a professor named Ilia Abuladze in 1937. The Alphabet was created by Mesrop Mashots a Armenian monk, warrior and translator.

Armenian historian Koriun, in The Life of Mashtots, wrote:

"Then there came and visited them an elderly man, an Albanian named Benjamin. And he Mesrob Mashdots inquired and examined the barbaric diction of the Albanian language, and then through his usual God-given keenness of mind invented an alphabet, which he, through the grace of Christ, successfully organized and put in order."

Zaza Aleksidze wrote: "The most precise documentary account on the existence of Albanian script and written language is represented in the accounts of the all Transcaucasian church counsel in Dvin in 506. In his letter to the christians living in Persia, the Catholicos of Armenia - Babgen - says that the letter was written "in consent with Georgians and Albanians, according to the letters of each country"."

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