The main purpose of the exercise was to assess combat readiness in the Southwest district of Russia and to improve interaction of military administrations in the North Caucasus.[2] The exercises were structured around a theoretical crisis situation that spirals out of control into open fighting. [3]

The Russian General Staff officials claimed the drill should help "stabilise the situation in South Russia" and "prevent Georgia's possible military actions against Abkhazia and South Ossetia". "The incumbent Georgian leadership has not given up new military adventures with regard to Abkhazia and South Ossetia or attempts to resolve the territorial issue by armed force," the Interfax news agency quoted the source as saying.[4] According to Deputy Defence Minister Col. Gen. Alexander Kolmakov the exercises were adjusted as a result of the recent NATO war games that were held from 6 May to 3 June in Georgia.[3]

Georgia and Russia fought a brief war in August 2008 when Georgia launched a military operation against South Ossetia, a de-facto independent region that was backed by Russia. President Medvedev sent in troops to drive Georgian forces out of the region and invaded Georgia Proper, the base of the Georgian Army.

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