(KeVrpeowy, Strab. p. 204). The Centrones were an Alpine people, who with the Graioccli and the Caturiges attempted to stop Caesar on his passage over the Alpes Cottiae in B. C. 58 {B. G. i. 10) from Gallia Cisalpina into the territory of the Allobroges. Caesar gives no exact determination of the position of the Centrones. Pliny (iii. 20) places the Centrones next to the Octodurenses, that is the people of Octodurus or Martigny. The Octodurenses are the Veragri. Ptolemy (iii. 1) assigns to the Centrones two towns, Forum Claudii and Axima. Axima iaAisme in the Tarentaisf [axima]; and a little place called Cenlron in the same valley retains the name of the people. The Centrones occupied the Alpes Graiae (Ptol. iii. 1) which Pliny (xi. 42) culls the Alpes Centronicae. In another passage (xxxiv. 2) he speaks of copper mines " in Centronum Alpino tractu."

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