According to Sir Leonard Woolley's thesis (a world renowned British archaeologist who excavated in Mesopotamia for decades) Sumerians were indeed Aryans and linguistic evidence shows a great deal of connection to support this to go along with all the found cultural artifacts and even preserved statues. The Semitic (and as attested blood thirsty) Akkadians in the third millennium BC invaded Sumer (Shinar) and began to push out and outright took over Sumer and eventually much of Mesopotamia. The Sumerians themselves were the descendants of the Armenian Aryan settled communities in Armenia and Caucasus which is attested by archaeological evidence that they gradually moved down to northern and later southern Mesopotamia in the fifth millennium BC as the water began to recede (in the sixth millennium much of southern Mesopotamia was under water hence all the epic stories of Flood and the hero in the Epic of Gilgamesh). Just few of the remarkable artifacts found by Sir Woolley and others.

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