Taron (Armenian: Տարոն) was an old Armenian region [1]. Which was divided into four districts: Mamikonian, Palauni, (Belabitene), Artokh (Ardjish or Artzike, North of Lake Van.

History Edit

The History of Taron, is a relatively short "historical" romance in five parts, purporting to describe significant events occurring in the district of Taron during the Byzantine-Iranian wars when the shah of Iran was Xosrov II (590-628). During Xosrov's reign Taron was frequently invaded by the [Iranians]. The History describes the actions of five generations of Mamikoneans (Taron's princely house), in defending and avenging the district. Each section or cycle of the story is devoted to the exploits of one of the defenders: Mushegh, Vahan, Smbat, his son Vahan Kamsarakan, and the latter's son Tiran. The heroes are at times superhumanly brave or duplicitous, wise or cunning, humble or bombastic, humane or brutally merciless as the situation requires. Above all, they are the holy warriors of St. Karapet (their patron saint), and they zealously defend the monastery of Glak as well as all the churches and Christians in the district. Much of the narration describes battles fought and the cunning tactics used by the Taronites to defeat the invading Iranians. [2]

References Edit

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