The Assyrian and Armenian Genocides

By Narek Yegoyan

The genocidal events that occurred under the Young Turk regime devastated its minorities such as the Assyrians, Armenians, Greeks. Nearly 3 million Armenian and Assyrians perished under there regime where they were persecuted for there religion and ethnicity.

According to Joseph Naayem, the author of "Shall This Nation Die?" wrote: "One day the Moslems assembled all the children of from six to fifteen years and carried them off to the headquarters of the police. There they led the poor little things to the top of a mountain known as Ras-el Hadjar and cut their throats one by one, throwing their bodies into an abyss."

The total number of Assyrians massacred ended with a devastating number of 750,000. (The Plight of Religious Minorities: Can Religious Pluralism Survive? - Page 51 by United States Congress) The Armenian Genocide also with a total number of 1.5 million. The Pontic Greek Genocide with another estimated 300 to 500 thousand.

The New York Times's editor V. Rockwell published an article in 1916, with the title "The Number of Armenian and Assyrian Victims". In the article, he stated: "Not only the Armenians are unfortunate: the Assyrians were also wiped out and each tenth was murdered. [...] A lot of Assyrians perished but no one knows how many exactly....within six months the Young Turks managed to do what the "Old Turks" were not able to do during six centuries. [...] Thousands of Assyrians vanished from the face of the earth."

Many of the Muslims also tried to save their Christian neighbors, and offered them shelter in their houses, but the Turkish authorities were implacable.

German Missionaries had stated: "The latest news is that four thousand Assyrians and one hundred Armenians have died of disease alone, at the mission, within the last five months. All villages in the surrounding district with two or three exceptions have been plundered and burnt; twenty thousand Christians have been slaughtered in Armenia and its environs. In Haftewan, a village of Salmas, 750 corpses without heads have been recovered from the wells and cisterns alone. Why? Because the commanding officer had put a price on every Christian head.... In Dilman crowds of Christians were thrown into prison and driven to accept Islam." (The Death of a Nation, pp. 126-127)

With documentation on this event from Turkish, Armenian and governmental eyewitnesses to notable historians it is still openly denied by the Turkish goverment.

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